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The Internet has brought the whole world closer together. Press a button and you can reach someone thousands of miles away. Like most people, I used the Internet to help build a technology business. I found that I was spending way more time than was justified by the business it brought in. I found that I enjoyed meeting diverse people from many nations. I have since decided to create a site solely for the purpose of sharing the wonderful stories and ideas that I found. This is our opportunity to reach people across the globe, gather their stories, their beliefs and their hopes and learn that we are more alike than we thought.

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This site has only been up for a few weeks and already we have had quite a few visitors. Unfortunately, most of them have not left a footprint. As the philosopher asked, "If someone visits a website and doesn't say a word, was anyone really there?" We're not asking for donations. We're not asking anyone to buy anything (there's nothing for sale here). We're only asking for your contribution in the form of a story, a link to a story, a thought.

NO SPAM. We do not sell, rent, trade or in any way use or reveal your email ID. We will not email you except in direct response to one of your emails (and our free newsletter if you subscribe).